Mariya Shareef Appointed Resort Manager at Summer  Island Maldives – Becomes One of the few Maldivian Women Ever to Hold Position of Resort Manager

MALE:  Mariya  Shareef  has  become  one  of  the  few  Maldivian women  ever  to  hold  position  of  Resort  Manager  at  a  Maldivian resort.

On  1  September,  Mariya  was  appointed  Resort  Manager  of Summer Island Maldives, located in Kaafu atoll.

In  her  new  role,  Mariya  takes  on  the  responsibility  for  the  day-to- day management of the resort, advising the Board of Directors on strategy,  and  helping  develop  and  grow  the  Summer  Island Maldives brand.

Mariya is a veteran of the Maldivian tourism industry with a career spanning  fourteen  years.  She  was  previously  Business Development  and  Marketing  Manager  for  the  Kaimoo  THS  group of  companies,  a  post  she  held  since  2013.  In  this  role,  Mariya helped  with  the  re-development  of  Summer  Island  Maldives  and was  responsible  for  branding  and  marketing  the  resort  in  the months leading up to its re-opening last year.

Commenting  on  the  appointment,  Mohamed  Manih  Ahmed,  Managing Director of Kaimoo THS Group said: 

“Mari  is  young,  energetic  and  full  of  exciting  ideas  and  has  an  excellent  gauge  of  the  innovations  and  developments  in  global tourism”

“Mari’s  experience,  her  academic  achievements,  and  her  natural  business  acumen  will  enable  Summer  Island  Maldives to grow and consolidate its reputation as one of the  most exciting holiday hotspots in the Maldives.”

Commenting on her new appointment, Mariya Shareef said: 

“Summer  Island  Maldives  has  always  been  close  to  my heart. It’s not only the beautiful island that makes it special, but also the amazing team and their hard work. I am proud to be  a  part  of  this  team,  and  I  thank  the  directors  for  trusting me in this role. It’s a pleasure, everyday, to see smiling faces and I’m confident that as a team we can continue to be one of the best resorts in the Maldives.”