Kaimoo 43rd Anniversary

Today marks the 43rd anniversary since the founding of Kaimoo Travels and Hotel Services Private Limited. 

In celebration of our 43rd anniversary, here are top 5 interesting facts about our organization

1) Humble Beginnings

Kaimoo was founded by one of the early pioneers of Maldivian tourism, Kandi Ahmed Ismail Manik and his wife Moomina Haleem in 1979. What started as a small operation during the early years of Maldivian tourism has now flourished to a company that employs over 557 people in the Maldives.

2) Hundred Percent Locally Owned

Kaimoo is one of the few hundred percent locally owned and operated hospitality companies in the Maldives. This is something we take immense pride in. The current executive management team comprises Kandi Ismail Manik’s family.

3) Five Properties

Kaimoo has steadily built itself to own five properties in the Maldives. The company has three resorts Embudu Village, Equator Village and Summer Island Maldives. In addition, it has two hotels in the capital city of Male’

4) Innovation

Through the years, Kaimoo has undertaken numerous innovative initiatives to push the industry forward and to take better care of the environment. Most recently, Summer Island Maldives became home to the World’s largest 3D constructed coral reef.

5) Wholly unique experience

All of our properties guarantee their own unique experiences. Come and unwind on the beautiful lagoon of Summer Island Resort. Enjoy world-class diving at Embudu Village and soak in the equator sun’s rays at Equator Village. We offer a diverse range of experiences and we hope to see you on our properties soon!