Embudu Village Staff Undergo Maritime Safety and Disaster Management Training

The management and staff of Embudu Village completed an intensive twelve-day training course end of August, focused on maritime safety and disaster management preparedness including fire & rescue and first aid training

The course, which was given by Coast Guard and National Disaster Management Centre staff on Embudu island, aims to achieve two purposes: to help resort staff improve their knowledge, skills and ability to respond to maritime disasters and accidents; and to better understand and prepare for potential disasters, including developing a detailed disaster management plan for the resort.

Some 90 members of Embudu’s staff were involved in all the training, that resort management said would help them better respond in the case of a maritime or natural disaster, fire & rescue and first aid incidents.

“The safety of our guests and our staff is paramount so we place a lot of emphasis on training to ensure that, should disaster ever strike, our staff would know what to do,” said Mr.Ramsey Perera, General Manager of Embudu Village.

The maritime safety part of the course included intensive instruction on maritime rules and regulations, safe navigation, seamanship, search and rescue and first aid.

The disaster management aspect of the course included training on potential risks in the Maldives, constructing temporary shelters after a natural disaster, putting in place an emergency management structure after a disaster, evacuation plans and tourist safety.

The first aid course included training in basic first aid skills focusing on scene assessment, recognition of responsiveness and skills to effectively perform first aid on the ground. First squad training focused on practical and theoretical aspects of first safety. The fire squad training was conducted by the Maldives National Defence Force.