Diverland News

Dear Diverland Club member!

One of the biggest explorer of the underwater world once said “The best way to observe fish is to become one!” (Jacques-Yves Cousteau)

Well, we all have taken this as our goal and we are trying to understand this planet better every day, by looking into the oceans.

We are in the middle of a great season and I would like to share some insights and news with you.

On Gan we had some visits of wale sharks. We enjoyed swimming and diving with this peaceful giants. But in Gan we are having something super special anyway. We are seeing Giant Pacific Mantas Rays at 5 places all the time!!! So, Diverland Gan here we come!!

On Embudu house reef we experience something extremely nice and breathtaking in the moment.  Our big female eagle ray is choosing, under numerous Male rays the one and the best for her mating. So, we see constantly “Madam Ray” followed by 10 to 20 Male gents which are waiting to be chosen.
We are enjoying this game and are looking forward for the many little eagle ray babies which will be swimming on Embudu House reef soon.

We are having a lot of sharks!! Haha, don’t worry, just little Bruce’s (Nemo) which are swimming in the lagoon and feeding on the enormous amount of little fish, which are currently occupying our shallow water.
Our shark nursery works perfect and we will have them soon on our house reef, where you will be seeing them.

So, visibility is great, current is strong .. Embudu Express is waiting for you! Yesterday we had around 40 grey sharks and eagle rays, etc.. etc.

On Summer Island our Lagoon Project is getting more successful every day. We could grow up to 5000 Corals on our coral ropes and we can plant them on our sunken reef structures. The one which is specially out of a 3D printer and all the others.

Well all together a great time to dive and we are looking forward for new adventures under water, every day.

Just a little reminder, our special offer is still on, 12 Days Non-Limit diving for the price of 6 days.
This should sweeten your next visit on one of our 3 Islands.

I wish you all the best and we will be looking forward welcoming you again.
I send you a lot of sunbeams from the wonderful Islands in the middle the Indian Ocean

Yours Wolfgang Brak